Thursday, January 31, 2008



The only way the human brain can be used as a computer without detriment in the person is if the person is in control of the situation. There is no other person except perhaps the most altruistic and benign parent or guardian or teacher who can guide a brain and all that is attendant ot the mind.

This is the scenario.

If ones uses the brain as a computer and make it part of a large think tank; one can contribute to the think tank however the “ manipulator” might damage the ego, change the innate uniqueness of the person, deprecate the individual entitites, and subvert the person to the manipulator’s commands, unless there is a check and balance and the person is able to counteract the manipulator’s evil commands.

This would make objects out of the person and make him a nonpersons. This could lead to the person ceasing to exist in his or other people’s mind. The humiliation of the vanquish that goes attendant to the power play could cripple the mind, the senses, the innate goodness, the wholesomeness, the integral uniqueness of the person not to mention the physical, moral, and societal values.

Being a pawn and a peon is not a laughing matter, actually it is. You get laughed at. To be controlled or to control, that is the question. Or is it to live and let live. These are clich├ęs but they make the point.

The above is called mental cruelty as a result of power play?

That is the Big Brother You and Using you Syndrome or Stockholm Syndrome all over again.

How do you stop something like that from happening?

Perhaps the Christian religion has the answer. Do to others what you want done to you or the Confucianist. Do not do unto others what you do not want done unto you.

I often think back of the time when I was growing up, how happy I was, and how pleasant most people are.

Now amidst the skeleton in my closet, I say. We all cannot be perfect.

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