Thursday, January 31, 2008



The Jews are waiting for their Messiah who they said will bring peace on earth and resuscitate the dead.

The Christians on the other hand has found the Messiah in Jesus Christ, Son of Mary and Son of God.

Jesus Christ was born of the Blessed Virgin infused by the Holy Spirit and is God Incarnate in Man. He was born of humble origin, in a stable with animals company and shepherds for witnesses and Three Wise Men who recognized Him as the Son of David by the Star over Bethlehem. He was the son of a carpenter but showed wisdom at a young age by teaching at the temple, multiplying the loaves of bread and fishes and healing and raising from the dead. His followers included a fisherman (Peter), tentmaker (Paul), Bartholomew, Thomas, Philip, Luke, Matthew, Andrew, James, John(the beloved), and Matthew, Martha and Mary, soldiers and men and women who has seen him heal and raise Lazarus from the dead, Zechaeus, a reformed prostitute(Magdalene), nobleman (Barnabas), and others.

Since He had a lot of following among the multitudes, the Pharisees were afraid of Him. They could not have Him disrupting their lives which He hold to question because they looked down on others like the publicans and since he would not have the sellers desecrate the temple by making money on a holy day (the upholding of spiritual values instead of material wealth?).

He was good to the Samaritan woman who gave him water to drink.

He taught kindness, mercy, goodness, piety, faith, hope, and love above all.

He preaced His Kingdom on earth and in heaven., Life after death makes life on earth more meaningful however there are no proofs. It is upon our belief and our wish to be immortal and one with God in Heaven. The fear of hell and damnation brought many to a godly life on earth. For this one is exhorted to believe in life after death.

The Jews who are not Christians (Messianic Jews) do not believe in this.

Jesus Christ suffered much for His teachings and exhorting to love and forgive. He witnessed the transfiguration of Moses and Elijah, during his agony in the garden. He was condemned to death by Pilate, mocked repeatedly by the crowd, scourged at the pillars, crowned with the thorns, carried His cross and fell three times, and then hang on the cross, crucified, like a common criminal but with the mocking King of the Jews above His head.

Jesus resurrected on the third day, showed His Resurrected self to His immediate apostles and disciples, and to more than 500 in a manner yet unexplainable, and ascended into Heaven on the 40th day after death. The Holy Spirit descended on his followers. Mary went to Heaven where she is Queen Mother.

He brought forth as His legacy a royal priesthood, a kingly nation, and a people set apart with Rome and the Vatican and the Pope as Titular Headd, the cardinals, archbishops, bishops, monsignor, clergy, priest, nuns, deacons, and laypeople, devout and faithful.

He preaced peace and all Catholics say peace to each other during mass. We all believe in the resurrection. So what does the non believing Jews have that we do not have-their disdain? their money? their endless fight with the Moslems?

The Jews mocked Jesus and crucified Him and taunted Him with not saving Himself, with bringing in all those deemed lower class by the Pharisees and His apostles brought in the Gentiles as well, Greeks, Romans, Ephesians, Philippians, Corinthians, Hebrews, Asians, Alaskans, American Indians, Irish, Celtics, Gauls, Teutonics, Spanish, Africans, and the rest of the World.

The Jewish sects, Orthodox and Conservative do not allow non Jews in their faith but the Reformed allows converts.

The Catholics and Christians allow for conversion.

The Catholics have saints who uphold the teachings of the church, made sacrifices, and live exemplary lives. Examples are St. Augustine of Canterbury and St. Jude Thaddeus, San Lorenzo Ruiz. St. Arnold Janssen. Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

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