Thursday, January 31, 2008



You see Data on Star Trek and wondered if the android would be better off being a real human being. If you do not, I do. Data cannot do what Deana Troy can nor No. 1 nor the captain of the Starship Enterprise when it comes to the decisions make taking human emotions, values, the pathos, the natural reactions into account.

What do you propose we do then?


There will be storage space, more memory cells activated.

Knowledge could be infused and renewed periodically through a connector to a computer or cadcom or cdrom terminal.

A self-activated switch with quality control options will be in the system to prevent bad effects.

There was a TV movie on this theme which was quite stimulating. The movie is called VIRTUAL REALITY.

I like the concept of enhancement of the brain powers preferably by natural methods but if with no bad side effects by artificial controls.

I also like the holograms on Star Trek the Next Generation. Suffice it to say the future whiz kid should have an IQ that rivals Einstein.

He could start with the works of the Nobel Prize winners and work his or her way up to the great inventors, statemen, leaders, etc.

The connector to the brain need not be a single point. It could be multiple point or the whole brain being innervated or activated. However, care must be exercised that pain would not be enhance the senses because I think pain is self-defeating.

Check into virtual reality.

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