Thursday, January 31, 2008



It is possible to continue our Catholic and Christian faith and tradition although we might have difficulty.

Without responsibility towards our fellow Catholics and Christians-our soul in turmoil, our heart that bleeds, and our body that sweats and is tired due to unending work or the lack of it, our thoughts that are confused due to too much thinking or daydreaming or reminescences will come to nothing.

We could have our own thoughts and language in our journey in this world of Science. We could have our own responsibility or our own unending praise for God. We must be one and strengthen our own faith. Let us hope to have true praise for the Lord. We will all shine if we have someone to love and someone to be loved. If we are accepted and uplifted by God in our humility, let us help others allow God to shine through ours and their lives.

It is possible to have endless strength and intelligence among us Catholics and Christians. You and I are friends. Christ is our destiny and forte. We hope to fulfill our purposes in life. We will have goals that we can obtain and the goals will be to follow the examples of Christ and also the life of the Saints. We should not lose our hope and be afraid of our darkness and weakness. There is no weakness if you have a true friend or if you have a person at your side or if God is in your heart. In the final analysis, we will find endless praise and rest because we are very much loved by God.

We thank you, our mentor and teacher.

If we have our own responsibility in life, we well have our own meaningfulness or woth. For now, I will take myself away from your difficult responsibility. There will come a time when you will continue to shine forth as a person with learning and strength of character and uprightness of conduct. That is the sign of my thanks to God. Thank you to all for what you have done for me in the name of Christ. I will look for you and you will look for me in this life and the life that is without end.

With Sister Maria Belen-Rosalinda Argosino, SSPS

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