Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Dream I had on September 23, 1985

A Dream I had on September 23, 1985

It concerns a mogul and his thriving empire and his daughter as well as his former sweetheart and her ailing empire.


They met in college during the depression, both
socialite. Twice they tried to get married, twice
he chickened out, went on a wild binge as a bachelor and never showed up. There was naturally a lull in the relationship then they got back together only to be separated by her trip to Europe and his getting a girl pregnant. He had to marry her. She died after 5 years in an accident while taking a joy ride from a young man. He had neglected her but not his daughter.


He is dying and he is proposing marriage to his former sweetheart through his daughter. He finally got the nerve to do so offering her the resuscitation his empire can give to hers plus a brand new 16 years old daughter to boot. She
had heard him talk before about her a lot of times. She has hated him then till she met her.
True she could nto compete with the efficient organization in the electronic age before but now she could. The employees who stayed with her were very loyal indeed.

Should she accept his proposal or not?

Miraculously, a dove alighted on her desk from nowhere.

She had a devil of a time letting go of the doves before at her failed second wedding.

That sort of clinched it and she married him. He died a very happy man one year later. She merged the companies.

Actually she let the big company gobble up her now small Company and the ending showed her on a bicycle ride with her new daughter to visit his grave with a pair of doves on a basinet.

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