Thursday, January 31, 2008

FTCua’s Quips

FTCua’s Quips—to be evaluated

1. We Pray but They Prey.
2. We are Sacred but why are We Scared.
3. Is it Right is Might or Might is Right or both?
4. If we cannot coexist, how can we exist?
5. Do we have compulsion or compunction?
6. Existing is not Living.
7. Do we muddle through a day?
8. They are Smut; we are Smart.
9. Does God give us so much trials and tribulations like Job that we cannot cope? Difference between Catholics and Jews or Moslems or Hindus?
10. Boorishness is not Polite.
11. Let us be on our best to our beloved. To the enemies, we can be crummy, paltry and mean.
12. Yours is Yours, Mine is Mine, Ours is Ours; Mine is Yours, Yours is Mine, or is it Yours, Mine and Ours.
13. Waste Not, Want Not is Recycling.
14. Do not give your Garbage to me-said the Philippines to Japan.
15. “Our God” run away from the world by not fighting back. What happened? Hitler used Christ as an Excuse (or not?). Does the Aryan Race have anything to do with Jesus?
16. Eve can keep the bones of Adams and propagate her race or gender. She does not have to return it.
17. Humility should not be Humiliation.
18. There is a thin line between freedom of speech and abusive behaviour.

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