Thursday, January 31, 2008


Gay and Lesbian Rights

Gay and lesbian rights are to be uphold in a society committed to non-prejudice against ethnic, racial, religious,and other categorical minorities.

Sexual preference are a matter for two consenting adults and should not be subject to political, policial, or societal interference unless harmful to the children.

When two people are married and one decides that there is lacking in the marriage the other dimension of a gay relationship, then the couple has to reevaluate the individuality of each person. Who is to say that it will not be beneficial in the final analysis, all excepting harmful experimentation, the black hole or infinite abysmal chasm, the negation of the marriage vows and natural order of life, the killing of the spontaneity that comes about from being shared with one too many, the unhappiness that will result from HIV-AIDS and the deaths and orphaning.

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