Thursday, January 31, 2008



Every person has a right to good, sound scientific, technological, and technical education. We would like your opinion on this subject, in order that we may better understand the role we can play as 'experts' in our field
of scientific endeavor.

On the issue of gender, I am of the opinion that there is indeed a difference between how men and women perceive science. What we need to delve into is why there is. The status quo will be maintained by men who in their excessive craving for superiority of the sexes try to force women into jobs where the mind rots, merely to enhance their masculine pride.

Previously and until now, scientific knowledge and technical expertise have not been handed down from male teachers to female student without the former’s demanding allegiance and subservience, whether professionally or personally. It is, therefore, essential that women be given the opportunity to teach in turn and be given the proper training to do so. Role models are fine and good. However, it is time to set criteria for comparison, paired in terms of gender or otherwise. Moreover, it is time to lay down the criteria as to who the role models would be.

We hope to know the rationale in setting the guidelines by which women and men, girls and boys would be considered compatible and symbiotic in their knowledge of math and science and their skills in the technical field.
Women can excel in all of the fields men excel in and more. They can bring forth biological life. Thus we need to know how men dull the intelligence, motivation, and skills of women by forcing upon them an inferiority complex., Then again, it could be the system which women and men should wage war against. The system of complicated dehumanization or fatal dissociation form realities and exigencies is a system that results in intellectual and experiental poverty and poor or lax training.

Society should press for equal opportunity regardless of gender. Actualization should have with it an accompaniment of good education. Patience and the will to learn should be inculcated at a very early age and continually emphasized. Intellectual love and affection for the subject of research should be developed in the right measure.

Math and sciences are the wellsprings of technological, economic, and political wellbeign for the population as a whole and for the individuals in the population. Enough said, for now.

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