Thursday, January 31, 2008



My father was a man of great aspirations for his children. He was an accountant and a businessman as well as a scholar in Chinese and English. My mother had deeper knowledge of Chinese literature. It has always been our responsibility to do well in school.

He was chief accountant of the Qua Chee Gan Coconut Plantation. He finished magna cum laude at Far Eastern University, accounting major. He would have finished summa cum laude had he resided in Manila instead of Tabaco, Albay and took correspondence school since he had to manage Tabaco Bazaar Branch.

I proposed to the Phii-Am Academy of Science and Engineering 30 years after its conception at Dr. Severino Koh's residence in Lafayette, Indiana near Purdue University the Virtual University.

A toast to Dad, my summa cum laude.

They charted our life's course but nevertheless left much to the assistance of others and our own initiative.

We never had to want for much although we were restricted in our economic freedom(or license). We all had our joint bank account. He took care of my mother in the most loving way and of us in a fair and just if disciplinary manner. He had characteristics that some of us children has inherited, e.g. "workoholic", bookishness, smarts, friendliness, suaveness.

Political wise, he was the translator for Vice Presidential candidate Emmanuel Pelaez when he campaigned in Tabaco, Albay where Senator Tecla San Andres Ziga, first female lawyer of the Phiippines and Congressman Venancio Ziga hailed from.

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