Thursday, January 31, 2008



On Kwajalein in Oct. 1977 or was it Sept. 23, I saw a film “The Island of Dr. Morrow” where the “spiritually” misled doctor turned animals into human beings with his biochemical experiments. They eventually reverted back to beasts and killed them. His experiments failed because the complexities in the human realm is too much for the animal. These are the exquisite as well as raw emotions, love and hate, aspirations and disillusionments and others more sublime and human qualities.

It is evolutionary theory and God is very much alive in the hearts of men. Is that statement a contradiction? You tell me.

Self sufficiency is something I will inculcate in the children.

Is self-sufficiency similar to primeval instincts of survival?

The latter is part of the former.

Is this true or not? Is this negative or positive?

I haven’t been removed of my vestiges of colonialism and American hero worship. I have just become one of them in some areas to some extent.

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