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Dr. Peter Armbruster, et al. anything to add? anything new?

Perhaps we can time travel through the creation of the universe, all the events, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, solar flares, with our detectors then find out if anything new or synthetic that we make are just replications?

May I have the email of Dr. Paul Hoffman?


Geographic Information System

mapping of elements, radiation, chemicals, aerosols, etc.

how do you measure nanosecond half life?

new elements ---Germany and Russia and the USA are inching along in their research to prove the existence of "new" elements that could have been formed years ago by nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, and combinations like in the thermonuclear explosions and the US, USSR, France, UK, and China etc. nuclear weapons overground and India, Pakistan and North Korea underground explosions

i have track etch dating back to 1979 that has star aggregates, many sizes fission tracks, pits, heavy ions like recoils registered in the Lexan Polycarbonate, neutrons, protons, decay products,

can you produce helium from tritium and protons?

do you think transmutations is needed to produce Au from Hg and Ag from Cd; evidently the gold price has increased many folds

my webpage developer, Jeffrey Gan, is still sleeping because he is my outsource in the Philippines which is 13 hours ahead;

so he has not placed the

By the way, my good friend at Goddard Space Flight Center Dr. Josefino Comiso is one of the awardee with the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change that won the Nobel Peace Prize 2007 with Vice President Al Gore.

How about remote sensing to map elements, radiation using NaI(Tl), metal detectors, GIS systems, chemicals too, oil, and how do you get them out of the earth without a spade or backhoe?

how about minimally invasive surgery or non invasive surgery?

I wonder if Lithium-6 which is a detector for neutrons and Lithium-7 which is a detector for gamma can be used in space or intercontinental flight incorporated in a battery charging mode to use what radiation is out there; would depend on the solar flares intensities and frequencies and orbital inclinations and shieldings; if you can prevent single event upsets, discharging, couldn't you power a full bodied battery outercasing that will activate a propulsion engine inside heat shields; you know if you can convert mechanical to electric, chemical to electric, and charge the batteries, why not heat or friction?

NASA John Glenn Material Science and Engineering is looking at propulsion 6x faster than the current jets

do you know what the PROC did to their old weather satellites? what? replace it with newer after they ram it out and created space debris

I am a grandaunt again, Jan. 15, 2008, Jeanine Cua---her parents are both nurses. I hope she does not get sick and they not get infected by unsterile hospital environment...radiation, environmental and occupational health and safety in needed in hospitals, medical and dental, bone densitometers, CAT SCANS, mammogram (ask Dr. Britton Chance, PHD2, DSC, MD honorary) on Diffusion Wave Optical Tomography and they use laser to look at hematoma; womenspace needs funding;

how do you like a water car: look at Daniel Dingel's

I like one or two or more and the jeepneys are really pretty

i would ignore the popcorn fume lung problems and take your popcorn with coconut virgin oil;
East Windsor is where they are

i hope the NJ businesses do not go bankcrupt in these trying times;

you should comment on acrylic safe or not to replace asbestos and fiberglass? the TIanjin, PROC sells acrylic tents

how do you stand on the Hillary Clinton for President campaign?

1. how do we map terrestrial radiation, chemicals, toxic metals, aerosols, fishes in the sea, iron in the fire, the dusts in the stormy deserts, waterways and byways, wells, oil, coal, and others including the new elements without touching the environment? what to do with exotic animals, pandas, and polar bears and penguins other than giving us and them honorifics?

multigamma emitters, e.g. Fiedler NaI(Tl)
multineutrons emitters, bonner spheres and LiI(Eu)

How would a Lithium Ion Battery fare under a neutron and gamma environment? depends on the radionuclide of Lithium?

remote sensing devices? Geophysical Information System or GIS?

2. once we have mapped, what to do, what to do? halungkatan?

3. ano pa? what else? business sense is necessary, common sense too


5. we do not have to reinvent the wheel, right?

6. what does the Vatican Observatory say on the matter of Galileo?

Do you know that our knowledge of God and his creation is diminutive and will take forever to learn or replicate?

The reason why people are megalomanic and delusionary is because they are ignorant and arrogant in their ignorance.

7. What is the email address of Magnetic Storm Dr. Mario Acuna, Argentinian expert? We need to know if there is a reversal of the magnetic field and what happened to MARS?

8. I dare say Faith, Reason, Science, Engineering and Technology and Radiation, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety is an evolution. Veritas et Caritas leaves one diversifying, digressing and needing to stitch a hole in one's pocket, in one's heart and i have to trabaho every day.

have to be updated for Philippine Biotech 2007 and 2008

tanglad, malunggay, ampalaya, seaweeds, kangkong, mangosteen, coconut virgin oil, atchara, salabat, adobong mani with lightly salted soy sauce, soy milk, mango, dalanda, lychee, champorado, rice drink can be made by milling the rice and dissolving in water although you will have minute sago like particles like rice pudding--sago should have flavor otherwise it is so bland or tasteless


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can someone check this out?
Did you have a Happy Birthday, Marianne?
Happy Birthday, Jenine Cua born yesterday. Marianne, we are grandaunts again. Mom Bee is greatgrantaunt so many times no wonder she is thin and 81 years old.
When is Andrew Jacob's birthday?
How are you doing in Junior High school with Advanced Placement Physics, Advanced Placement Calculus, and Advanced Placement Chemistry? Ian Charles Cua Dimayuga.
I know, darling sister, it is not safe to be UNO right, under the eyes of others. The fact is I had a lot of good classmates and yearmates that helped me be valedictorian at Immaculate Conception Academy 1969, and Magna Cum Laude at College of the Holy Spirit BS major in Physics, 1973.
Josie and Marianne, I was not fat when I got married but I guess I sprang and I am 130 lbs at 5 feet. I started aerobics with Chris Freytag yesterday. Do you know where the young aerobics are: at the courthouse near the Plainsboro Public Library. I bought from them Science and Inventions Vol. 1-27 for $6 and sent to the College of the Holy Spirit, 10th Forex Box.
I do not like to be afraid. Can you be noble in an ignoble world?
11. Is Jesus Christ still our Savior?
12. TV can be very mind-rotting. They used the word Litany on OJ Simpson's sins today. Mind Rotting is like tooth decay and wood rot.
to be continued...
By the Way, the one that can measure nanoseconds will get a prize.
13. So, do we ask the Pope Benedict XVI to bless the Italian Space Agency contribution to the Europran Space Agency Columbus Module prepared for the Shuttle Atlantis by the NASA John Glenn Center people to go to the International Space Station that has Russian word on a shingle which I do not know because I only know dasvedanya, espasibo, and isvinietze?
The shuttle Atlantis is a little slow this time--it was supposed to go to the "heavens" in Dec. 2, postponed to Jan. 24 then further postponed to February 7. Quo Vadis?
14. Should I tell the pope that the IBM crew of Charles Bennett with their quantum teleportation
and destruction of the original beam of light perhaps should heed a little Holistic Quantum Teleportation, si? puede ba?
15. Do you prefer to have friends or enemies? at what cost?
16. the next step after mapping arsenic is mapping cyanide, mercury, cadmium, uranics, transuranics in the terrestrial do you have the equivalent of multielemental XRF or PIXE or PIGE or ICP-AES, LAMMA, track etch, autoradiographs, LET track etch Spectrometers, Bonner Sphere, nuclear alpha, beta, neutrons, protons, heavy ions, fission fragments, spontaneous fission tracks, new elements tracks etch?
microdistributions galore...macrodistribution also...
heavy ion fusion, fusion product separation, positive-sensitive-alpha-particle measurements
I wrote a grant which is in Po, Pb, Ra, Pu, Cm, U, Th, Am, Cf, Mo, and Tc Radionuclides in Teeth and Bones in 1994. The Republic of the Marshall Islands joined IAEA in 1994. I was with the RMI UN Mission that day the IAEA experts went to RMI. Yokwe Yok! are we Emmon Na Ke or Enana?
I think the Marshallese should eat seaweeds for the Iodine.
17. Anyone for electron capture to change Hg to Au and Cd to Ag?
18. Interim Storage Facilities for Nuclear Waste vis a vis a High Level Uranium and Transuranium Facility e.g. the defunct never completed Yucca Mountain Repository should be discussed by ENSR with EPA, DOE, NSF, NIOSH, NIEHS, Transuranium Registry at BPNW, National Nano Initiative(should we call Nuclear, Fission, Fusion NanoNuclear, NanoFission, NanoFusion and how about NanoSolar, NanoBioFuels, what else. First we had insure no radiotoxicity, then no chemical toxicity, then no biohazards now no nanotoxicity and before that biotechtoxicity; it is called PUBLIC HEALTH and PREVENTIVE MEDICINE and EXERCISE and GOOD DIET.
19. Can someone study ACRYLIC, whether it belongs to the categories of asbestos and fiberglass?
20. So the Chinese have tungsten to replace lead. another very expensive.
21. rabbits, seafood farm, tortoise, turkeys, poultry, pigs and cows
22. gems and pearls, TLD capiz shells?
23. is ozone beneficial or not?
24. NASA Radiation Space Lab, Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Monitoring Stations, Identification of New Elements, NSLS I and II
Feb. 5-7, 2008
26. ASPEN Grove Family Camp
American Camp Association
27. Review PBS-NOVA series, Stephen Hawkings Universe and Carl Sagan Cosmos and the Intimate Universe, the Human Body
28. National Information Technical Service(NTIS) does good work.
29. National Library of Medicine too.
30. Conductivity is a property that has to be studied further.
31. BioNanosensor and pH meter for the Ovum? What caused the fetus to dissolve and the amniotic sac intact?
32. Why does the OLD BOY's CLUB lead to such depression with the WOMEN? Because they pretend to understand something they will never understand fully...
If this is an advertising to that movie where the actor somebody heard the thoughts of women called mental telepathy and empathy, then we might talk sense...
33. The ISMs are like statistics and epidemiological phenomenon, e.g. biochemistry might be gender and race and age related...racial, gender, age security? health care insurance for all and the God bless us Everyone and the Devil too?
to be continued...

Radiation Shielding( e.g. Radiation BioNanoSensors)

NASA's Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment(SORCE)

Community of Science,

I have written many grants with my colleagues. The topics were: Trace Element Analysis. Cystic Fibrosis. Teeth and Bone.
Radon. Radionuclides and Elements in Teeth and Bones. Marshall Islands Radiological Program, Brookhaven National Laboratory. Use of Van de Graaff Accelerator at Brookhaven National Lab. Also, research use of BNL Medical Research Reactor, BNL High Flux Beam Reactor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Reactor. Biotechnology. Nanotechnology. New Elements. looking for some of the grants not funded to be funded in the near future.

Dr. Beverly Cohen: Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU, $6,400, Sep 1, 1992 to Dec 31, 1992.
New Jersey Agricultural Experimental Station Project No. F-33401-1-88: Dr. Alan Appleby, $5,000, Sep 1, 1985 to Aug 31, 1991.
Rutgers the State University: Biomedical Research Support Grant OGS RR07058-21, $3,000, Jul 1, 1986 to Mar 1987.
Hybridigm-Consulting, Maoi Arroyo, CEO: Consultant in Environmental Regulations of Biotechnology Companies, $2000, 2005 to 2006.
Metorex now Oxford Instruments (Dr. John Patterson): Listing of State Legislations on X-ray Fluorescence Portable Analyzer, $500, 2003 to 2003.
Dr. Florence T. Cua-Christman, MS3, PhD2: Mother Edelwina Science Foundation, College of Holy Spirit, CHS, & Bahay Tuluyan & Sisters of the Spiritu Sanctu, SSPS, $13,377.75, 2003 to 2007. I funded them. $3000 went to a botanical cosmetic garden that has mango tree, orchids, ampalaya, tanglad, okra, malunggay, and many others. Perhaps later they can breed popcorn to go with coconut virgin oil.
Chapter in Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry, John Wiley and Sons, United Kingdom: Radon, Indoor and Remote Measurement, $150, 2000 to 2000. I wrote it.
Do you know lahar or volcanic ashes brings about EDEN, paradise of luxuriant plants, vegetables, fruit trees and roots?
Do you know when the coffee beans are ripe? when the green color changes to orange. Some bananas are green skin on the outside and yellow on the inside but they are already ripe.
Philippine American Academy of Sciences and Engineering(PAASE): I am the Grantor for Student Presenters at PAASE meetings, $3000.
150 entities in New Jersey and 1 in Pennsylvania with 250 machines thus far: Hazard Survey of Digital and Non Digital Dental, Veterinary, Cabinet X-ray, X-ray Fluorescence, X-ray Diffraction, and Scanning Electron Microscope, $70,000, 1999 to 2007.
Department of Science and Technology, Balik Scientist Director Dr. Lydia Tansinsin: Balik Scientist Program at the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute, $5,000 in pesos, June 1998.I, Florence T. Cua-Christman, MS3, PhD2: Payment for Sale of 10 Monographs, $3,200, 1992 to present.
Environmental Protection Agency and NJ State, Senator Frank Lautenberg: Eastern Regional Radon Training Center, 1981 to 2003. I got free lunches. I wrote the initial Health Physics Journal literature review on Radon and proofread the
grant proposals. Dr. Edward Christman was in the executive board. He and Dr. Alan Appleby, Dr. Frank Haughey and Debbie Fisher handled the courses for radon mitigators. I also taught short courses and was coordinator for the Radiation Protection for Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies.
U.S. Department of Energy (my role was as a health physics associate and research collaborator): Marshall Island Radiological Program, Safety and Environmental Protection Division, Brookhaven National Laboratory, $21,000, 1977 to 1980.
Christman, Cua Associates: Radiation, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety, >$2,000,000, 1971 to 2007.
U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences (Robert Mills, Ph.D. and Al Hanson, Ph.D.): Division of Chemical Sciences, Contract No. DE-AC0276CH00016, $500.
National Institute of Health Grant No. P41RR01838: Robert Mills, Ph.D. and Al Hanson, Ph.D., $500.
SBIR II-NIH-NCI grants for 2 years. Dosimetrics 3 Dimensional Gel Imaging. I will spend 15% of my work time. approx. $15,000 per year. Dr. Edward Christman is Principal Investigator.

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