Thursday, January 31, 2008



Look at a trolley connected to the electricasl cable on rails! What if there is lines fo knowledge input “cables” that our mine can connect to enhance our knowledge.

That will feed our brains with information at a rate or speed commensurate with each individual’s capacity.

Imagine how it will facilitate exchanges of information. It can regulate sleep as well as utilize the sleeping hours for mild input of relaxing thoughts and help those who are insomniac. The growing years could be input coupled with play.

Osmosis is not such a bad idea either. However there should be a mechanism against the osmosis of pain and bad thoughts and feelings.

Brain antennas, albeit they remind us of the Martian TV show, is not such a bad idea.

Mental telepathy had been studied for a long time, can it be with others that would nor make them destructive or negative. We need to be with those who will not harm us mentally or psychically.

How would you know what another person thinks if he or she doesn’t verbalize or express their thoughts?

Mind linking maybe possible in the future.

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