Thursday, February 14, 2008

Letters from Home

Dear Flo,

This morning, I received from the CHSAF the
payment of the Molly Vivian Huang 6 tapes we left at
the CHSAF Office when you were here. Do you recall? We
went there, isn't it? 250phpx6=1500. This brings our
savings (+1500 frm the booth sales) to 3000. I still
have the 20$ you gave through Diana Gobio. We didnt
spend it with Kate and the students who helped in the
BT-project. We are saving because the students want to
take the BT kids to the sea to play. You said before
you wanted the kids to bathe in the sea, remember,
when I was with you in the States? I hope we can save
enough by selling again some of your stuff on Feb 29.
By the way, we have another activity with them(BT)on
Feb.29;they will present a play(BT Kids), and together
with the CHS students present the research on "Forced
Rescue", where the street communities (together with
the kids) are driven away from the streets to a
refugee building. The problem they said is that they
are dealt with harshly,like kicking them. There will
be students from different schools who will be invited
to CHS. This is part of our advocacy: "Change the
world. Love Children." My sked is so hectic Feb.
15-17. We have Institutional Review and Planning with
Sr. Ancille, the Deans, and Area Chairs. The past
days, I had to organize my data presentation.
Itutuloy....HAPPY VALENTINEs DAy! We remember you
fondly and always. Sr. Clare is here. Regards... Take


College of the Holy Spirit

College of the Holy Spirit North America Foundation

Bahay Tuluyan

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